How to Tell if Your CHild is a Witch

These are the signs by which you may recognise if your child is a witch.
1 Epilepsy.
2 Talking when asleep.
3 Wetting the bed.
4 Skin disease of any kind.
5 Bad body development. A child who is too small, too tall or mis-proportioned is likely to be a witch.
6 Destructiveness. A child who takes pleasure in breaking things is a witch.
7 A child who talks back is a witch.
8 Too clever. Mistrust a clever child.
9 Greed.
These are called the mysterious diseases, and any or all may signify that your child is a witch. If you suspect you can easily find out. Take the child to a local church, where the pastor or prophet will tell you one way or the other. If your suspicions are confirmed, they will cure the child easily with spiritual medications for a very reasonable price. It may be necessary to burn off their wings. Though these wings exist in the spiritual plane and you cannot see them, they still exist. Your pastor or prophet will do this for you. But for this to work the child has to confess. If the witchcraft is strong within the child, it is hard to work a cure and little can be done for a child who will not admit this sin, except, perhaps, beating a confession out of them, which is for their own good
Another solution, of course, is to take the child to the hospital and get some expert advice, either physical or psychological, for each problem.
By my own count, I was a child witch on at least four counts – five when I was a teenager and thought myself hideous. I’d like to invite my readers to try these tests on themselves or their own children. It may be of interest to try and find someone who isn’t a witch. There can’t be many of us left.
On the up side, of the women who told of these signs, 80% will typically abandon their belief in witchcraft once other explanations for such illnesses or behaviour are given. And we also spoke to a two families who had welcomed witch children back. One, an older brother, who rescued his two younger half brothers into his house. His own grandmother was a witch, but his bothers, he believed , were wrongly accused. Another, a mother who had suffered several tragic deaths of those close to her, and whose son clearly blamed himself for these misfortunes, as he confessed that he caused the deaths, as a witch.
Congratulations to the Provenda Center and Save the Children for helping to facilitate these children back into safe homes. Happy endings – I don’t always like them in books, but you want them in real life, of course. I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed for Nadine, who was so happy to have her son back, and kept her faith in him even when she believed herself that he was a witch, even though it cost her her marriage – even though she believed for a while at least that it cost her her sister and mother. Now that’s having faith in you son! I hope she manages to find somewhere secure to live in the next few weeks. All these misfortunes always accompany poverty.

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2 Responses to How to Tell if Your CHild is a Witch

  1. Liz Morris says:

    This is way more uplifting than a programme I watched on Channel 4 recently, where a young boy was pulled from a crowd and pronounced a witch and when he went back to his mates, they shifted away from him. And a man was imprisoned and tried for being a witch but even if he is declared innocent, he says his village won’t want him back. It’s so terrible, and hard even to think about. I loved your posting because it’s so good to hear the positive and hopeful stories — and I’d adore to hear that child singing the drum story if you can get it up.
    What a very interesting life you lead —— I’m consumed with envy.

  2. Rose says:

    you know its sad that everyone thinks witchcraft is so bad when I myself practice wicca and I can assure you that if you harm others, you are not technicly a witch because one of are laws is ‘an it harm none, do as ye may.’ Also, the epilepsy and stuff is not true. Wicca is a religion like any other, and you are not born a witch, you learn it. We simply worship Mother Earth and other gods and godesses instead of your God.

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