Where’s my blog gone?

Anyone seen my old blog?  It was here a few weeks ago, Hosted by Hostgator, using b2eveolution software – then it wasn’t.  And a good deal of interesting stuff vanished with it, including all that marvellous racism debate with my friends and collegues from India.  Apologies to all for the utter disapearence of it – I’ve treid my best in all sorts of ways to find out what happened to it, but I’ve been told it is unrecoverable.

My own fault, really, for not saving the site often enough .. or not really at all for nearly a year.  Still, I’d love to know what happened to it, and if anyone knows of it, or has bits of it saved here and there, I’d be glad to have it back.

Meanwhile, I shall begin again here.  Coming highlights – a trip to the Congo to investigate child witches.  More of this anon …

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2 Responses to Where’s my blog gone?

  1. Kevin says:

    Hallo Herr Melvin Burgess 17.02.12
    Ich heiße Kevin bin 11 Jahre alt.
    und wohne in Deutschland Dessau-Roßlau.
    Ich Fande das Buch Billy Elliot ganz gut aber manche stellen fande ich Doof!
    Ich habe eine frage Herr Burgess ist es schwer ein Buch zu schreiben?
    Gut Herr Burgess ich bitte um Antwort.
    By by…

    • Apologies, Kevin – my German isn’t good, but I think you are asking me if writing books is hard? If so – yes! It is very hard. But it;s hard because you have to practice a lot, bot because you have to be some kind of a genius. Practice, as we say, makes perfect …. and so it does. The people who get there in the end with writing are those who never give up.

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